Holistic Retreat Centre Embrace

Holistic Retreat Centre Embrace

Mindfulness Day Retreat in N-Ireland

Cancer Focus Mindfulness Day Retreat for cancer patients and their supporters on the 19th February 2023

Mindfulness Instructor Fiona Montgomery, Prof Dip in MBIs, MMTAI, MBAMBA
For more information on available courses, please visit either Fiona’s website, Facebook link or phone her on her mobile.

Website:  https://www.mindfulnesswithfiona.org/  
Email:        fjmontgomery@btinternet.com
Facebook: Facebook@MindfulnessWithFiona
Mobile:      07966203667

About Fiona
Fiona is a highly qualified Mindfulness Teacher, with many years of experience.
Her meditation practice began when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2005 and she had 3 children under the age of 4. She used the services available at the MacMillan Information and Support Centre and Cancer Focus.
In addition, she researched services offered by the Bristol Cancer Foundation (BCF), now Penny Brohn UK, began to meditate and use healing visualisation techniques provided via audio tape by the BCF.
She continued to use these recordings after her treatment ended and began a regular yoga practice to support herself when dealing with the ongoing fears triggered during the traumatic cancer journey.

Fiona’s Qualifications and Professional Memberships:

Fiona completed an 18-month Diploma in Teaching Mindfulness based interventions in 2017, at the Mindfulness Centre for Professional Training in Dublin.
The diploma included: 18 months training period, 7-day silent retreat, 24 days face-to-face instruction, high-quality teaching in line with best international practice and good practice guidelines.
She is qualified to teach the scientifically backed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course to the public.  

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Training for Cancer Patients:
In July 2018 Fiona completed a specialist teacher training in Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer patients , run by the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (Bangor University) and learnt how to deliver an 8-week mindfulness training course developed specifically for cancer patients.

In August 2021 Fiona completed training with the Mindfulness in Schools Project to enable her to teach the DOTS programme to children aged between 3 and 6. This is a 30 lesson curriculum to be delivered in a school or nursery setting.

Fiona is a member of the 
Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland (MTAI) and the British Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches (BAMBA) and follows their good practice and ethical guidelines. This includes ongoing mandatory annual training, supervision with a senior mindfulness teacher, silent retreats and professional development.


Since beginning teaching in 2018 over 100 students have attended courses with Fiona, and many more have attended one off training sessions. About 100 pre-school children have had weekly mindfulness classes with her over the period of 2 school years.
She teaches weekly practice sessions, intensive courses, tailored courses for particular groups and on specific topics.

This 8-week course was a delight to attend. I looked forward to every session. It has hugely impacted the way I approach stressful situations and worries in every-day life. Fiona was a kind, respectful and considerate tutor who created a really safe space for us all to explore the joys of mindfulness. Claire April 19 mindfulness-based stress reduction course

“A warm and personal course, led by a well-informed teacher, who made us feel at home. The course really worked well and has changed my way of seeing the world.” Many thanks. Liam Mindfulness for parents June 2021

“I am so glad I invested in myself with this course. Mindfulness with Fiona has brought many benefits to my daily life. … I feel like I am reconnecting with who I am, my awareness levels are improving and I have greater hope for the future.“Shauna Oct 2021 mindfulness -based stress reduction course.

This day retreat is part of a Cancer Focus course, led by Fiona Montgomery.
She is running a full day mindfulness retreat as part of an 8 week mindfulness based cognitive theory course specifically designed for cancer patients and their supporters.
This day provides space and time for the participants to deepen their meditation practice while immersed in the nourishing and peaceful environment at Embrace Holistic Retreat Centre.

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