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We are providing monthly FREE SUPPORT on the

2nd Wednesday of each month for CARERS of family or friends, from the 14th January 2015
4th  Wednesday of each month for CANCER PATIENTS, from the 28th January 2015

What can I expect?

  • Professionally facilitated one-to-one therapy session e.g. Physiotherapy, Reiki,       Massage, Relaxation, Energy Medicine
    Sessions will be 30 minutes.
  • Walks (in designated areas) on the 95 acres of surrounding farm and wood land
  • A quiet space to paint, read, write……or do whatever helps you to relax!

Limited places available, so booking is essential
For bookings or more information, please contact:
Holistic Retreat Centre Embrace
60 Thornyhill Road, Killinchy/Newtownards,
BT23 6SQ
Tel: 02897542141

Voluntary donations in support of the “Action Cancer Drop-In Centres” and to cover costs

  • Daily Activities

Massage, Reiki, Physiotherapy, Relaxation, Energy Medicine, Individual Yoga/Yoga Therapy sessions are available on a daily basis. For any other Complementary/Holistic Therapies or Services, arrangements can be made with therapists who are connected to the centre, but not working at “Embrace” on a daily basis.

  • Weekly Events:

Keep-fit for the over 50s

Takes place every Thursday morning from 10.15am-11.15am
(January-June and September-December

Please phone Juliette on 07834545107 to check availability
Cost: £5 per lesson
To be sure of a place, you are advised to book multiple sessions (generally about 2×17 lessons yearly)

Yoga for all

Takes place every Monday night from 7.30pm-9pm
(January-May and September-December)

Please phone Juliette on 07834545107 to check availability
Cost: £7 per lesson or £60 for 10 sessions
Individual Yoga (Therapy) sessions available

Chen Style T’ai Chi/Taijiquan
Beginners Class starting Tuesday 12th September 2017

To book, call, text or email:
Senior Instructor: Julie-Anne Johnston  (Belfast City Chen Style T’ai-Chi School)

Email: julie.taichi40@ntlworld.com
Mobile: 07577714748

For weekly schedule of  Tai Chi classes in other venues, please visit:

  • Other Events:

Practical Workshops/Walks, by Medical Herbalist  Marian Partridge, BA Medical Herbalist I.T.E.C. M.U.R.H.P, E.C.B.S. Specialist in Tree and Wild herbs

Dates and prices to be confirmed.
http://www.embraceholistic.co.uk/what’s on/




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