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Welcome carers!

Caring for yourself is a necessity, not a luxury!……A Carers Support Group was started here at “Embrace” in May 2012, became a charity in 2015 and is now called the Killinchy and District Community Carers Association.
It is a small group, consisting of past and present carers of family members or friends. The group is a general carers group for those living in Killinchy and District. No matter what the disability, illness or circumstances of your family member/friend are, Killinchy & District Community Carers Association offers any carer the  chance to talk to and share with people who do know exactly what it is like to be in your situation, to learn new skills and experience different ways in which you can look after yourself. It is a group where friendships can blossom, mutual support is given and opportunities arise to help you achieve your full potential.

Some of the meetings are held in Lisbane Community Centre, others are organised by the committee and may include different venues/outings etc.
The meetings are held  every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 10.30am -12.30pm

For more information please contact the Killinchy and District Community Carers Association directly.
E-mail address:

To arrange Time-Out Events, Overnight Accommodation, Holistic Treatments, Workshops, Walks on the 95 acres of farm and woodland and Lectures,
please phone 

Juliette on Mob:07834545107 or E-Mail:


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