Reiki is a natural Japanese healing therapy, which is applied through gentle, non-invasive touch. It helps to increase energy levels and promote a sense of well being. It is deeply relaxing for the recipient.

Our energy should flow easily through our body, but if we are stressed, angry or anxious, the energy can become blocked. Reiki helps the body to release its own energy so that it can flow freely again.

Reiki is helpful for treating stress, depression, pain and fatigue.

What happens during a treatment?

The practitioner will gently place their hands on or above certain areas of your body and move them according to the needs of the individual. You remain fully clothed, removing only your shoes and jewelry.

Massage, Reiki, Physiotherapy, Relaxation, Energy Medecine, Individual Yoga/Yoga Therapy sessions are available on a daily basis. For any of the other Complementary Therapies or Services mentioned on the website, arrangements can be made with therapists who are connected to the centre, but not working at “Embrace” on a daily basis.

Please phone 02897542141 for more information



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