Team Healing

Team Healing or “Turbo charge” sessions:

Years ago at a workshop given by Roslyn Bruyere, it was suggested that healing in the future would be done in teams. Since then we have experimented and received very positive feed-back. Your session may involve sound, vibration, stroking, tapping, pressure or pure energy work on or above the body.
Throughout the session you will be fully clothed.
As many illnesses start with emotional blocks, these team healing sessions are a great place to start the process of restoring the natural flow of energy in the body, as well as a very comforting and reassuring experience.

The sessions will suit those who feel low in energy or anyone who, for some reason or another, feels stressed, out of balance or in need of support.
Our intention is to channel healing energy and we make no claims for cures; we simply allow the body to heighten its self-healing capacity.

Give it a try and ring  028 4484 2271 ( Marian Partridge) to book your slot, which will last 20-30 minutes per person. The team will gather every month somewhere in County Down.
For times and locations, please see www.

Massage, Reiki, Physiotherapy, Relaxation, Energy Medicine, Individual Yoga/Yoga Therapy sessions are available on a daily basis. For any of the other Complementary Therapies or Services mentioned on the website, arrangements can be made with therapists who are connected to the centre, but not working at “Embrace” on a daily basis.

Please phone 02897542141 for more information

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