Chen Style Tai ji Quan (T’ai-Chi)

Chen Style T’ai Chi/Taijiquan
Beginners Class starting Tuesday 12th September 2017


Senior Instructor: Julie-Anne Johnston  (Belfast City Chen Style T’ai-Chi School)

Julie-Anne has been running Tai Chi classes for over fifteen years at Belfast Metropolitan College and within the Belfast area.
Her classes have also been supported/made available through the NI Mental Health Association, Belfast City Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit and the NI Chest, Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Julie-Anne’s aim is to promote the Principles and Philosophy of the Original Chen Style Tai Chi taught by Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang.

Julie-Anne has the support and guidance of highly respected Masters and is a member of the World Chen Tai Chi Association. 

The art of Tai Chi was established in China and is respected as a highly refined system of exercise and personal development.

Tai Chi is a system of holistic training, consisting of slow, carefully co-ordinated natural, graceful, powerful, relaxed, balanced and meditative movements.
Which is designed to:

  • improve balance, flexibility and strength
  • relax and focus the mind and
  • reduce stress 
  • increase internal energy of Chi flow within the body, thereby increasing vitality.
  • promote creativity, sensitivity and optimism.
  • it gives balance on an emotional level and
  • can guide one spiritually.

Some say T’ai Chi is a martial art, others say it is only for health. Many call it “the art of creating energy” and some refer to it as “meditation in motion”. Then again others claim it is a physical manifestation of a philosophy called Taoism and some describe it as a continual flow of “Chi Kung” or breathing exercises.

It has been compared to low impact aerobics, yet others testify it is a way of life and even claim it is a way to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Join now and feel the difference! 

Suitable for adults of all ages
To book, call, text or email:

Senior Instructor: Julie-Anne Johnston
Mobile: 07577714748

For weekly schedule of other classes visit:




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